The Story of Benetta

R320.00 / person

30 August 2022,
Berea, KZN

Public Event


For those that know me, you'll know that I'm of Greek decent, and a big fan of traditional Greek food.

To celebrate some of my heritage, my brother and I will be cooking up a Meze style 'Greek Family Dinner' at my firehouse venue. We're bringing in a big family table, and for starters we'll be having halloumi and pita with three specialty sauces. The main meal will be Lamb Knuckle Giouvetsi with pasta rice (it's delicious, trust me), and then cheesecake for desert

The recipes we'll be using are somewhat sacred, and passed down to us through family lineage by our late father! They represent many happy memories growing up, as our family was forged around the dining room table, just like many others! And that's why we'll be joining you around the table, as we host the night.

So come and join our event, and celebrate some of our heritage with us? We may even tell a tall tale or two about the food's you'll be eating.

See you there, and bring a friend!


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