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Kerry Cross

5/18/2022 16:11:54

I really like the concept of meeting new people around a dinner table. I do think it is also a more intentional way, or kind of like a cool excuse to get your friends together over dinner and connect your social circles which don't overlap much like they used to in the old days. Although, I do think social events of that kind, happen in more organic way and the spontaneity of meeting new people happens naturally, without an app sometimes. Given that said, we do live in the 21st century and more people are connecting with each other through apps like this. My experience of open seat was only one breakfast, it was really awesome in that I got to spend time with people I usually wouldn't have otherwise. I did also see there were one cooking classes, I think this apeals to me more, as it would connect people with similar interests regarding food. I know there are other apps like meet-up where you can connect with people with dimialr interests, but the fact that open seat is focused on foodies that appeals to me a lot.

Joshua Tippoo

5/18/2022 16:26:41

It was an evening filled with intriguing familiar and unfamiliar peeps and conversations, good food and just warm vibes. Definitely recommend trying out attending or hosting one of these. This open seat concept is using technology to connect people in a face to face non-virtual fun way. I back it!


Nkululeko Mthembu

5/19/2022 14:35:27

Onboarding - I've had multiple chats with tons of folks wanting a fresh culinary experience in the city. I thought I would try out Open Seat out of curiosity. Payment - seamless payment experience, I simply added my card details with secure payment instructions which gave surety that the platform would not defer payments. All confirmation emails assured me that all was well. Expectation - I am heavy-handed on the wine and thought to bring my own, turns out the guests had plenty. Bless them. Arrival - It was a warm evening and especially more inviting knowing I could leave shoes outside, a familiar comfort as though I'd been before. I've been to other people's spaces and have had neighbours knock on the door but this was such an intimate dinner experience that I think the neighbors would have wanted an invite. Meeting other people - an incredibly safe and organic experience meeting other people. I do not think I would have met those folks in my usual routine and watering holes. People had their guard down and connected on a human-level. Food - Roanne prepared pot of chicken curry and basmati rice, it had been a while since I had so was especially looking forward to it as she said it would have made her grandmother proud on the event description. There were online updates showing the food prep and ingredients so I was salivating. It did not disappoint as I had generous portions and there was plenty to go around. Overall experience - in a city where you more times than not, some establishments give you what you expect, the event created a calm and considered experience to genuinely connect to community. P.S we connected a week or two after at another social gathering and danced :)

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